Financial Planning

Financial Wellness

The Vital Lifeline in Finance: The Value of a Second Opinion on Your Financial Wellness Plan

In a world where the complexity of personal finance is more pronounced…

Mid adult couple working on home finance

The Importance of Measurement in Personal Financial Management

The principle “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” applies…

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Affordable Housing

Have you heard the groans of college grads and young professionals, overwhelmed…

50 30 20 Budget

Debunking the 50/30/20 Rule

One of my favorite quotes by Albert Einstein is, “Every problem should…

Tax Strategy

Savings Options for Self-Employed Individuals: Benefits and Tax Strategies

For self-employed individuals, preparing for the future possesses unique challenges. Without corporate…

family governance

Family Governance

Family governance is one of OmniStar’s 10 Elements of wealth management. What…

Emergency Fund

The Benefits of Holding Cash within a Portfolio

In the dynamic realm of financial planning, the strategic allocation of assets…

Investment Portfolio

Portfolio Allocation Strategies for Different Types of Risk Tolerances

Investing is all about creating wealth over a long period. However, the…

Omnistar: Your Guide to Financial Freedom

Investment Strategies During a Recession

Recession is a phase that every economy goes through from time to…

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