Our Process

On-boarding Process

As you begin your relationship with OmniStar Financial Group, Inc. there may be a few steps in the transition process that are unfamiliar. Our focus during this period is making you feel comfortable every step of the way. Here’s what you can expect in the next few weeks as we move ahead in your financial journey.

Getting Started

  • We will get to know each other. I’ll ask questions to get an idea of your financial situation, and you will likely have questions for me, too.
  • We will talk about your financial goals, plans and concerns.
  • We will talk OmniStar, and how our process helps clients navigate the process of wealth management.
  • We talk about how OmniStar is compensated and how your information and money will be handled.
  • Together, we will decide how to move forward and your implement your personalized wealth management plan.

Action Items

Complete the following forms to provide a more complete picture of your financial situation:

  • Fact-finder
  • Risk tolerance questionnaire
  • Confidentiality and compensation agreements

Provide specific financial documents, such as:

  • Income tax returns
  • Will or other estate planning documents
  • Account statements
  • Income statements


  • We will discuss your financial and personal goals together.
  • We will review the information you provided and make sure it’s correct.
  • We will help you turn broad needs and goals into specific, measurable objectives.
  • Your questions or concerns will be addressed.

Action Items

  • Analysis – our team will input your data and use it to compare your goals against your current financial situation.
  • During the process, we will identify areas of financial strength and weakness. The completed plan will have recommendations to help you maximize your strengths and improve on your weaknesses.
  • We will contact you for additional data if we identify gaps.
  • The initial financial plan draft will be ready for viewing


  • Presentation of the plan draft with detailed analysis and recommendations.
  • We will review the plan together, making changes adjustments according to your concerns.
  • When we are satisfied with the plan, I’ll ask for your official approval of plan.
  • You’ll decide which assets will be directly under my management.
  • We’ll discuss how to efficiently and safely transfer your assets.
  • We’ll establish a schedule for future meetings.

Action Items

  • Our team will document the meeting outcome and provide you with a summary for your records.
  • Necessary documents which require your signature will be provided; in person or docusign.
  • New accounts will be opened at Fidelity. Old accounts will be closed following the transition.
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