“It’s All about the Benjamin’s”

November is here again. My six year old son has now started asking the same recurring question: “Mom, when am I getting my ‘Benjamin’?” His birthday is in November, and the ‘Benjamin’ is you guessed it, a $100 bill. Yes, my son is looking for his cold hard cash. He also knows that a Benjamin is equal to five Jacksons, and that a Jackson is two Hamiltons, one of which is two Lincolns, and that a Lincoln is five Washingtons. He’s also learned that two fairly decent Hot Wheel track sets will cost about two Jacksons, and that a BIG track will set him back the entire Benjamin. I am usually the anointed keeper of good ole’ Ben, while my son scours the isles, checking prices underneath each brightly colored, power boosted, track set he can find.

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