How to Attract Millennial Patients to Your Dental Practice


Much has been made of the impact Millennials–now predominantly in their 30s–have had and are having on businesses and business marketing. Across a wide scope of industries businesses around the country have had to adopt different approaches in order to attract and retain Millennial customers, clients, and patients. This process in and of itself is nothing new; every generational group has its own needs, desires, and interpretations of our culture. However, there are some particulars involved in attracting Millennial patients to your dental practice that can help you thrive if implemented correctly. Let’s take a look at some tips, tricks, and ideas that will help you better engage with this age group and then attract and retain them as patients.

  • Your online presence, especially your social media, is likely the strongest tool you’ll have in attracting Millennials to your practice. A robust and easily found social media presence, well-managed online reviews, and a smoothly designed website optimized for mobile devices are all critical tools in helping Millennials find your practice and in getting them to make an appointment and walk through the door. It always helps to ensure that you’re visible to potential patients–this is how you help Millennials see you.
  • Toward that end, ensure that making or changing an appointment is relatively fast and easy. Older patients may be more comfortable picking up a telephone than booking an appointment online, but patients Millenial age and younger strongly prefer to book via a website, especially from a mobile device. If your appointment system is online, mobile-friendly, and easy to use they’ll be more inclined to choose your practice for their dental health care needs.
  • Sustainability is a key issue with many Millennials, so implementing a sustainable approach to your office design may help attract and retain them as patients. Thankfully it’s not necessary to rebuild your entire office in order to achieve this–small yet visible changes like water-efficient sinks and toilets, energy-efficient lighting, visible recycling or waste reduction efforts, and eco-friendly furnishing and building materials go a long way towards both reducing your office’s impact on the environment and in attracting new Millennial patients.
  • Making sure that you have solid digital communication with your patients can go a long way with Millennials. Regular emails and blog updates work well if your content is interesting, informative, and engaging enough to be worth their time. Likewise offering digital or remote services ranging from online bill pay to teledentistry can do a lot to help attract Millennial patients, particularly during the COVID pandemic.
  • Community involvement means a great deal to Millennials–83% of them regularly donate money to charity and 60% or better of them regularly take part in community improvement events. This gives you several opportunities to make your dental practice visible to people in this age group and attract them as patients. Whether it’s a litter cleanup day at a local park or beach, participation in a civic event, or hosting a charity drive during the holidays, your community involvement gives you a chance to connect with Millenials year-round.

There’s nothing unusual about using a different marketing and outreach techniques for different age groups. It does help to remember that Millennials have their own world view and priorities, and connecting with those is the way to connect with them. By following these guidelines and being adaptable as you do so, you’ll find more folks that age making appointments and becoming new, long-term patients. OmniStar Financial Group is always available to help and answer any questions on how to attract more patients and grow your practice.