Most people are familiar with stock markets as a way to help buy a home, send children to college, build a retirement nest egg, and grow wealth. Investment Oversight and our professionally managed strategies are designed to help you reach your goals, whether planning for retirement or looking to grow and protect your wealth.
Investment Oversight Wealth Management

How it works

The process of investing is more than simply buying a few stocks or mutual funds. One’s financial situation, time horizon, and overall financial situation should be considered. Goals and the probability of achievement add to the money manager’s ability to make investment selections that best fit each investors long-term objectives. Along the way, careful adjustments are made in an effort to ensure what’s in the account remains aligned with the plan.


OmniStar’s investment strategies play a major role in wealth accumulation, sustainable income, and legacy planning. Using our disciplined, sector agnostic approach, multiple goals and objectives can be obtained. Regardless of an investors circumstances, our professionals can help you choose a stragegy that fits your needs.

Built around your goals
and preferences

Education and Guidance every step of the way

Continual monitoring to stay aligned with your plan

Asset Allocated Managed Portfolios

Traditional Strategies


Focused Strategies


Income Strategies


Why it works

It begins with a disciplined process that allows our experts to construct and actively manage each “style based strategy” without emotion or personal biases. We cannot legally promise better market performance, but we guarantee no one will watch over your assets more carefully or closely.