Knowledge is Power

Air Date: November 13th, 2020

What drives money decisions?
1. Money Avoidance – can believe that they don’t deserve money or that money is bad. It creates a sense of disgust or fear so these believers will self-sabotage.
2. Money Worship – Money will solve all problems. Achieving financial security is always the dangling carrot. Can cause unreasonable risk taking, gambling, over spending or compulsive buying.
3. Money status – Money = Status to this sub group. Most often this group can pretend to have more money than in reality so that they appear more successful.
4. Money Vigilance – work and save! This script provides a frugal, watchful investor. While it can support healthy decisions, it can also lead to constant fear/stress that there is never enough saved.

What are the money scripts that result in chronic stress?
1. More money will make things better
2. Money is bad
3. I don’t deserve money
4. I deserve to spend money
5. There will never be enough money
6. There will always be enough money
7. Money is unimportant
8. Money will give my life meaning
9. It’s not nice to talk about money
10. If you are good, the universe will supply all your needs