Final Four Retirement Planning Blind Spots Part 3

Air Date: September 21st, 2021

Planning for retirement sounds easy. Fund an IRA, participate in a workplace 401(k), save 10% of your income and the list goes on. Yet, American’s are behind when it comes to preparing for a successful retirement. Dustin Hocken and Phil Clark, Wealth Advisors, bring you the final 4 retirement planning blind spots. Mistakes 7-10 are perhaps the easiest to overlook or misunderstand. Don’t forget, subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can be notified every time a new video is released.  Retirement income will most likely come from three places; personal savings, 401(k)/Qualified Plan, and social security. Experts say social security will cover approximately 25% of the average final year’s compensation. Knowing the most common blind spots can help you avoid them and better prepare for successful retirement. Maybe it’s time for a conversation about your retirement plan. Let’s talk!  In the meantime, enjoy part 3 of 3.