Illuminating Blind Spots

Your passion is dentistry and owning a practice provides many rewards. It also creates many challenges that often prevent dentists from reaching their greatest potential.  Today’s environment requires heightened awareness to detail, precision, optimal skills in communication, empathy, team work, and business acumen. Sound familiar?  Add to that mix the challenge of filling holes in schedules, competing for new patients, working with insurance companies, and patient. It becomes clear that little time is left to run the business and be an excellent clinician.

We have been working with dentists since 2002 – nearly two decades later, we understand the complexities of the dental profession and the challenges of owning a practice. Understanding the needs of dentists and their families requires experience that can only be developed through years of working by their side – gaining insight through their lens.

Illuminating the blind spots is what we do.  Our process helps you clarify and prioritize your goals, personally and professionally.  A complete assessment allows us to quantify where you are today and define where you want to be, and when. Through our knowledge and expertise, we develop systems and actionable strategies to help you get there.

No one delivers optimization like OmniStar. Our proven process gives you the freedom to focus on your passion of dentistry while predictably growing and protecting your wealth.