Dentists juggle the responsibilities of caring for patients and managing a business – a combination  that seem’s counterintuitive.  Successful practices understand keeping patients and staff satisfied, controlling expenses, managing collections and finding new patients.  For new practice owners, financial issues create unusual challenges that most business don’t face; high student debt, income and asset protection, accounting, and legal expense.  Adding to these complexities is perhaps the most important question – what is important to you, your family, your career, your practice?

We understand the complexities of the dental profession and how to help you gain more control and security.  Understanding the needs of dentists and their families requires experience that is only developed through years of working with dentists and gaining a thorough  understanding of their industry.  Our expertise allows us to develop customized plans that provide step by step guidance, leading to better practice and personal finances.

We begin every relationship the same, we listen.  Our process helps you clarify and prioritize your goals. A full assessment of your practice and personal situation allows us to quantify where you are today and define where you want to be, and when. Using our knowledge and experience, we develop recommendations and strategies to help you get there.

Our practice benchmarking, operations management, investment strategies, tax & risk management and estate planning can help you maximize your career while growing your practice.  Optimizing each element that affects you and your financial life is essential to your success.

OmniStar is dedicated to dentists and their achievement of personal and professional success. Whether you are beginning your career or own multiple practices, we have the knowledge, skill and experience to help you reach your best.  Let’s get started.

OmniStar on Your Team:

  • Integration/Coordination – Practice Optimization & Personal Wealth Management
  • Collaborative investment, tax, risk management, estate and financial planning services
  • Debt Management Strategies
  • Insurance & Risk Analysis
  • Retirement Planning (401(K), Profit Sharing, Cash Balance)
  • Unbiased approach to strategic planning
  • Real-time analytics for your practice
  • Personalized Financial Website for you and your family
  • Morning reports to maximize your day and keep your team on track
  • And more…………