Coaching Vs. Consulting

Well trained and successful consultants can help practices develop and organize systems.  In fact, their strategies have the potential to boost production and the bottom line.  However, we have heard many dentists say, “we really liked what they had to say, but their plan just didn’t work for us.”

Whether it  was their plan or yours, the act of developing a plan doesn’t  change anything except your bank account – consultants are not  cheap, nor should the be.  On the other hand,  a consultant that doesn’t have the capacity to turn a plan into action is only delivering half of your expectations.  So, hiring a consultant will usually end with (in many cases) a well written and effective plan without implementation.  Herein lies the problem.

Why choose  OmniStar?  Experience tells us that your success can’t be achieved with the writing of a game plan unless it is turned into action, and let’s face it, most practices don’t have enough time beyond the daily tornado (schedule).  It is here that consulting (alone) begins to show its weakness. Our clinically trained staff does more than design your playbook, we teach you the plays and how to use them within your practice.

Goals & Vision become Reality

As a consultant, we dive deep into your practice data and develop key performance indicators designed to keep your clinic in top condition; financials, case acceptance, coding, fees, etc.  Next, we break it down in easy to understand terms –  our benchmark report card illuminates blind spots and how they are effecting performance.  We don’t stop with data and financials.  Each team member can be assessed to uncover individual strengths and style of communication.  Building your team based on your vision requires that each player take ownership of their contributions toward the collective goal.

Practice Optimization Delivered through Systems, Culture, Efficiency and Profitability. 

Transforming or improving a practice is usually easier said than done.  It takes work and a willingness to make adjustments.  Through our consulting and coaching programs, doctors and their practices can enjoy greater financial return, the ability to practice less while producing more, feel confident about transitioning to retirement, or simply the freedom to enjoy practicing dentistry.  Our team is passionate about your success and you deserve nothing less.  Let’s get started……..