Entrepreneurs and business owners are among the most important people in society.  That’s  because you drive the economy.   In fact, you create 76% of private sector jobs, cover 43% of America’s payroll, and provide 50% of American jobs. Combined, entrepreneurs and business owners generate more than $7.8 Trillion of revenue each year.

You stay focused on opportunity more than most and never stop pursuing your dreams. The passion for what you love is illustrated by the time you are willing to spend in building a successful enterprise.  Most people shudder at the thought of working 6+ days per week and holidays, but  that’s what you do, sacrifice. Your commitment to excellence and willingness to accept greater responsibility defines your success.

So, while you are sacrificing to take care of YOUR customers, YOUR employees, YOUR community and YOUR family, who is taking care of you?

Welcome to OmniStar Financial  Group. When it comes to your financial success, you deserve nothing less than the same level of expertise and commitment that you consistently deliver. Let our expertise and experience help:

  • Assemble the right team of advisers

What can you expect from your advisory team?

  1. We develop ideas for your situation
  2. We present options with probable outcomes
  3. We design strategies that work
  4. We implement the plan and make tactical decisions along the way

Let’s talk about how we can help you make informed decisions that work for you, your business, and your family.