As an associate dentist, getting the right advice at the right time is a key component to your success. Why not take full advantage of our expertise?

Our associates have years of experience working with associates, just like you. We are fully aware of the pressures and issues relating to associate dentists.  Whether newly qualified or approaching retirement, your desire to become financially independent and enjoy a successful retirement is what we do best.

For associates dentists who are considering a partnership or buying into an established practice, our team is fully equipped to handle the most complex transitions.

Whatever stage in your career, we work with you to:

Help retain more of your hard-earned income for the future
Provide strategic financial planning advice so you can achieve your financial goals
Support you with financial decisions if you are considering becoming a partner or buying into an established practice
Guide you through the financial issues if you are purchasing or setting up your own dental practice

Our team fully understands the financial implications of your chosen career path and we have the expertise to successfully guide you through all phases of your career.