Joining OmniStar is more than a new position. it is an opportunity to grow, climb, thrive and be proud of your accomplishments.  You will be expected to work hard, continually learn and develop, think proactively and provide our clients with service that is unparalleled.

We offer careers in wealth management from the ground floor, with no ceiling on professional and personal growth.  You’ll experience the thrill of learning how to deliver complex solutions in a coordinated manner. You’ll be part of a team with skill, knowledge and experience, that spans decades. All of this provides you with an opportunity to reach your best.

OmniStar may be the first point in your career. Perhaps you come to us with years of experience. Regardless of your starting point, we want to know if you possess the aptitude, motivation and personality to play an integral role in our success.

  1. FOLLOW THE LINK TO BEGIN OUR INTERVIEW PROCESS.  Our system is time sensitive so  be prepared to complete the initial process, approximately 30 minutes, after logging in.  
  2. Upon completing step 1, interviews will be scheduled.