Long gone  are the days when providing for a family was men’s  work.  In fact, more than 51% of adult women make the financial  decisions in their household.  The loss of a spouse, end of marriage, or simply choosing  to  go it alone can be a stressful situation that pulls you into a swirl of emotional challenges. Being the sole financial decision maker can be overwhelming.

Study’s show that many women in these very situations often ask, “Who can I turn to for guidance?” OmniStar has the experience and skill for helping widows, divorcees and single professional women.  In fact, our planning  professionals are committed to understanding the issues that keep you awake at night and actively working with each client  to develop solutions and strategy’s based on their unique circumstances.

What exactly do  women want from a wealth management relationship? We believe they want recognition that women view money and wealth differently than men and they want certain services specific to women. Here  is how we can help.

  • Household Administration – systems to help you keep track of your family finances, easily and securely. Deliver complex calculations, and establish auto-pay on recurring bills. To make it easier, we provide a portal that provides a home for all  things financial.
  • Financial Education –  Present opportunities for women to learn more  about budgeting, saving,  and long-term financial planning.
  • Financial Advice – Provide a team of professionals that understand the needs of women, how best to plan with them, in an unbiased environment that recognizes and respects women as equals.
  • Family Governance – answer important questions around protecting and transferring wealth to children and beyond.

Women deserve the same level of expertise and commitment from their adviser. We believe you deserve options, accurate information to make wise decisions, and to feel like a partner in your financial  planning relationship.  Contact us to learn how we are helping women take charge of their finances with confidence and pride.