Optimizing your practice is the first step to maximizing its value.  Whether setting practice goals for clinical results, financial results, patient satisfaction, or eventual transition, you must have a plan of action. Actionable plans must be developed from data, which requires your investment of time and knowing what data is important.  Goals without objective feedback and deadlines are rarely attained and usually fall off the radar.

Dental software and accounting reports provide raw data, but those reports don’t tell you if the dental practice is thriving or heading for trouble. Raw data is valuable; in the right format and measured against industry standards and benchmarks. Benchmarking compares your practice statistics with best practices and provides instant feedback on performance.

  • Annual Benchmarks
  • Quarterly Benchmarks
  • Personnel Cost Benchmarks
  • Administrative Cost Benchmarks
  • Facility Cost Benchmarks
  • Fee Optimization
  • Treatment Planning/Acceptance
  • Clinical Procedure Allocation
  • Practice Efficiency (Clinical & Administrative)
  • Hygiene Optimization

Our Second Opinion Service for dentists and dental practices provides benchmarking and practice analytics that uncover strengths and weaknesses of your business. More importantly, our process allows you to remain focused on caring for patients. Today’s competitive landscape demands that you know what is necessary to maintain a competitive edge and what actions are necessary to adapt to the needs of your patients.

Remember, a growing, profitable, patient-centered dental practice does not happen by accident. Instead, it requires a team of dedicated professionals who deliver accurate assessments, appropriate benchmarking and implementable solutions.  Let’s get started…