Advanced Planning addresses key areas which cause financial concerns beyond investments: Wealth Enhancement, Wealth Transfer, Wealth Protection and Charitable Planning. Investing is only one element of Wealth Management; every clients plan should include advance planning directives based on their unique circumstances, goals, and objectives…

Retirement Planning

One of the greatest risks that investors face today is outliving their hard earned assets. Baby boomers are enjoying the longest life expectancy of any generation and that trend is expected to continue. With longevity comes the need for a clearly defined retirement income and asset protection strategy. Before retirement, focus is placed on accumulation and growth. However, upon reaching retirement, the primary objective falls into other categories; income and protection of assets. Such modifications can create significant challenges. Whether you are days or years from retirement, our professionals will carefully review your situation and design a strategy that best fits your unique retirement circumstances.

Income Strategies | Social Security Planning | Required Minimum Distributions |Pension Planning

Business Planning

Few challenges demand more of a business owner than successfully passing the family business to future generations. Yet when properly executed, the rewards are numerous. Family members have a special opportunity to preserve the hard earned institution that reflects the family’s ideals and goals. This type of perpetual planning, when done correctly, can provide quantifiable and lasting results.

Succession Planning Strategies | Buy-Sell Agreements | Exit Strategies | ESOP| Defined Benefit Plans

Risk Management

Insurance coverage is often overlooked in individual and business planning. However, this area of planning can uncover liabilities and risk that might not have been considered to ensure the protection of assets. Our team of professionals will analyze your financial situation and provide sound strategies which may or may not include insurance. We will make sure that you possess the benefits you need, adding and reducing coverage as warranted.

Insurance Risk Analysis | Group Benefits  | Executive Retention

Estate Planning

Estate Planning covers a broad area of activity that leads to the proper arrangement of the owners objectives. Developing an estate plan involves more than simply avoiding taxes. At its very core, this method of planning attempts to organize your resources to adequately provide for the present and future needs of your surviving family and charitable interests.

Wealth Transfer | Minimizing Tax Exposure | Special Needs | Multi-Generational Planning

Charitable Giving and Gifting Strategies

Gifting strategies are often-overlooked in estate planning. In addition to providing financial rewards to charities and loved ones, an appropriately structured gifting plan can provide the donor with significant rewards as well. Our professionals can help you determine if gifting strategies offer opportunities for a more successful estate plan.

Planned Giving | Charitable Remainder Trust | Charitable Lead Trust | Outright Gifts