Imagine having the perfect Morning Huddle and being prepared before you arrive at the office. Our technology has your morning report in your inbox before the sun comes up to prepare you for the   most important 15 minutes of your day. Fully automated with no reports to run, just look for the email and start each day the right way.

Some call it a Huddle, we call it MOM (Morning Opportunity Meeting).  MOM sets the tone for the day and informs all team members about production and collection goals, as well as potential problem areas in the schedule. Moreover, MOM motivates you and your team. If used consistently and effectively, we guarantee improved performance. Want to  know more?

Here’s How

Tips for a Successful Morning Meeting

  1. Track month-to-date goals vs. actual numbers for doctor, hygiene, and collections.
  2. Track yesterday’s goals vs. yesterday’s actual numbers for doctor, hygiene, and collections.
  3. Work out today’s goal vs. projected for doctor, hygiene, and collections.
  4. Determine how many major procedures are needed for the next five days. How many major procedures need to be added to stay on target/goal?
  5. Determine if there are any openings in the dentist’s schedule. Identify patients in the schedule with potential treatment that could be added to the schedule as needed. Other solutions?
  6. Identify patients that need X-rays per treatment guidelines.
  7. Note what emergency time is available today.
  8. Go over financial information on the day’s patients. Identify financial arrangements needed, etc.
  9. New patients: Review info from telephone contact form.
  10. Status and follow-up on changes from yesterday’s schedule. Bring yesterday’s schedule to discuss to-do’s and potential issues or problems, i.e., lab cases not in, lack of inventory, etc.